The Introduction to Belly Dance class was a perfect kick off to the Get Active Howard County program that is celebrated in our workplace! Each year, we strive to offer the participants diverse and exciting opportunities to get active. The class met this goal by far while also bringing smiles into our workplace that have continued on.
Jennifer Lee, Exercise Specialist for the Howard County Office on Aging

MiaNaja your performance was AWESOME! It was a pleasure having you there. I will definitely use your services again. I appreciate your willingness to partner with us for this project. LaDawn was very pleased.
Christy Stewart of, after the TV show launch party of Radio Personality and Author, LaDawn Black at the Velvet Rope in Baltimore.

I am SO PROUD of you ladies and I KNOW how hard you worked and you all were truly amazing! The costumes and choreography were gorgeous, the zils were wonderful and the wings complimented the color of costumes and dancers extremely well! I have seen so much growth in your troupe, and you all are FAMILY! That shows too - the love for each other is palpable and you received a lot of love from the general dance community, don'tcha KNOW!
Frankee Sunshine, After the 2009 Bellydance Nationals Competition

Let me begin by telling you what a pleasure it was to finally meet you! You are just as sweet in person as I imagined you to be from your emails. Second, you just don't know how you touched my heart when you said that our families are what's most important and that we are welcome to bring our children to class if necessary, and that we shouldn't have to choose between our families and dance. My family is everything to me, so when you said that, I knew right then and there that I made the right choice by coming to your class. I'm looking forward to learning and growing with you and the other sisters in our group. On day one, I felt at home.
December, New Student

Thank you all for the great performances and smooth transitioning from act to act. You were all fantastic and the kids and parents thoroughly enjoyed your contribution to our International Night Festivities. I have heard a lot of very positive feedback. Thanks!
Scott Yetter, PTA President

Dear Entertainers,
I just want to thank you for your wonderful performances tonight. Both the kids and the parents loved the excitement and enthusiam you displayed. You were awesome! Thank you so much!

Sara C. Kelly, Organizer for International Night at Roscoe Nix Elementary School

Greetings Mia! I just wanted to extend a thank you for your amazing class last night. You are a very unique and inspiring beautiful woman. My day was not a great one yesterday, but after leaving your class it was completely turned around. I am so glad that my path in life has led me to your teaching! I look forward to many enjoyable and challenging classes with you. Have a great Spring Holiday and a great vacation! Brightest Blessings!
Echo Gallagher, new student

So many dancers have technique, but MiaNaja dances with technique and passion! She is one of my favorite dancers!
Raffa of Utah.

Events she hosts are organized and enjoyable. No detail is too small, and a great time will be had by all!
Jacqui, student and friend.

As you know, I take bellydancing classes and love them. Within the last year, my body has become a lot more flexible yet stronger. I feel vibrant, energized and healthy. Some days, I feel I can conquer the world. Most days, I do. LOL. My stress level has definitely lowered and I look forward to each day with joy and excitement.

MiaNaja is my teacher and mentor. Her instructional methods are gentle yet firm. Classes are always fun. You will definitely leave them feeling invigorated.

Queen Auset.


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