Dance Resume


  • Ballet
    • Anne Allen, Vaganova (Russian) Technique. Ages 12-17; Member, Columbia Dance Theatre. Beginner to Pointe.
    • Rabovsky Dance Camp, Istvan Rabovsky-Summer 1976-Intermediate/Advanced, included Adagio, Character, Ballet, Jazz, Modern.
    • Michigan State University: Spring 1977-Intermediate.
  • Modern
    • Anne Allen, Humphrey-Weidman Technique. Ages 12-17. Int./Adv.
    • Charles Weidman, Summer 1974. Advanced.
    • Performed: Lynchtown, Brahms Waltzes and New Town Dances at Columbia Festival of the Arts. Maryland Regional Summer for the Arts Camp- Summer 1973.
  • Jazz, Afro/Jazz/African
    • John (Kinderman) Taylor, Columbia Dance Theatre, Ages 12-18.
    • Chandra Prue (founder Afrobics), Atlanta, GA 1985-86.
  • Bellydance Certifications
    • Suhaila Salimpour School of Dance Level 1
    • Amaya Technique Level 1
  • Fitness Certifications
    • AAFA Primary Group Fitness Certification, March 2008.
    • SharQui Teacher Certification, New York, NY, January 2008.


  • Slayton House and Studio MiaNaja, Columbia, MD (2000-present). Egyptian Oriental, Spanish Fusion, Cane, Balancing, Veil/Double Veil, Zills, Performance Dynamics, Choreography. Director of The MiaNaja Oriental Danse Ensemble (2000-present)


  • Juris Doctor, University of Baltimore School of Law, Baltimore, MD 1994.
  • Master of Education, University of Maryland, College Park, MD,1988.
  • Bachelor of Arts, Broadcast Journalism, Howard University, Washington, D.C. 1984.


  • MiaNaja's Moment's of Magic Hafla (show), an event I coordinate and produce yearly featuring dancers from the metro area. Slayton House, Columbia, MD (2000-present)
  • Fells Point Fun Festival, Baltimore, MD (2001-present)
  • Amaya Shake and Bake Bellydance Festival in New Mexico, 1998-present
  • Babylon Breeze events in Orlando, FL, Emcee and performer (2003-present)
  • Rakkasah East and Spring Caravan, Somerset, NJ (2002-present)
  • Rakkasah West, Richmond, VA (2007)
  • On Your Toes-Benefit for Grassroots, Howard County, MD (2007)
  • Key of Life-Benefit for Victims of Domestic Violence, Gaithersburg, MD (2007)
  • Baltimore Zoo, International Festival, MD (2007)
  • Aziza Workshop - sponsored by Janeeda, VA (2006-2007)
  • Jim Boz show, sponsored by Cha L'Mar, MD (2007)
  • Gypsy Fusion Show, MD (2007)
  • Bellydancers of Color Association (BOCA) fest 2005, 2007 (with the NDC)
  • Colleges & Universities
    • University of MD, College Park: Arabian Nights: Arab Student Organization Event(2007)
    • University of Maryland Day; UMD, Medical School: Diversity Day, presentation and performance (2008)
    • Catonsville Community College Diversity Day
    • Community College of Baltimore
    • Northern VA Community College, Diversity Day
    • Hood College, International Day
    • Carroll County Community College, Diversity Day
    • NOVA, Annandale, VA, Diversity Day. (2004-2007)
  • Restaurants
    • Five Seasons
    • Cazbar
    • Casablanca
    • Nile Cafe
    • Taste of Morocco
    • Tabouleh
  • Middle and Elementary Schools in Howard and Montgomery Counties - Educational Presentations, Diversity Events
    • Bullis Academy
    • Elkridge MS
    • Clarksville ES
    • Parkland MS
    • Greencastle ES
    • Argyle MS
    • Trinity School
  • More
    • Private parties
    • Bellygrams
    • Weddings
    • Birthday parties
    • Bridal showers
    • Childrens parties
    • Retirements
    • Health and Wellness events
    • Bridal Expos
    • Brighton Gardens and other nursing homes-annually (2000-present)
    • Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Regional Meeting in (2005)
    • Health Fair/Debuantante Demos- (2007, 2008)


  • Washington Area Middle Eastern Dance Association (WAMEDA) Ethnic Dance Workshops
  • Flamenco styling for dancers (2006); Rhythm n Belly-dancing to R&B music (2008).
  • BOCAfest: Bellydancers of Color Association: Veil and Double Veil, MD (2005)
  • Dancer Studio, MD, Shimmies workshop (2006), Flamenco Styling (2007, 2008).
  • Teelin School of Irish Dance, Columbia, MD, Basic Bellydance (2007)
  • Legal workshop on Business of Bellydance, MD (2007)
  • Yaa'Halla Y'all: Dallas, TX, Business of Bellydance (2007& 2008)
  • Amaya Shake n Bake Festival, NM (Beg. Bellydance workshop) (2008)


  • Fox45 TV, WJZ-13, -promo for Fells Point Fun Festival, WMAR-TV-2-Station promo.
  • Featured in: The Howard County Times, Columbia Flier, Columbia Magazine, and the Maryland State Bar Bulletin.


  • WAMEDA newsletter-Music Review
  • Baltimore Bellydance newsletter-Article on Copyright and the Arts.
  • Alexander, Michelle and Dempster, Brenda. A Comparison Study of Shakespeare's Macbeth and Throne of Blood Using Puppet Theatre, Teaching East and West: A Comparison of Tokugawa Japan and Elizabethan England, University of Maryland, October 25, (2004).


  • Nefret: 1996-97-Beginner
  • El Naar Haninah: 1996: Choreographer-Beginner
  • Malika Negwa 1977-99, Beginner-Int. Member: Harem of the Queen
  • Latifa-Milaya Leff-WAMEDA Ethnic Dance workshop, Saidi Drum Solo (2006)
  • Yousra Banan-Cane workshop, (2006) Choreography (2007), Private training (2008)
  • Nadirah Nasreen: 1997-2006-all levels.
  • Lotus Niraja: 2005-present. Advanced/Coaching; Affiliate Member Niraja Dance Co.(2006-7)


  • Artemis Mourat: Int./Adv. Turkish Rom
  • Tarik Sultan-weeklong (NYC-2000); Oriental (MD 2002, 2004); BOCA fest (2007)
  • Cassandra-workshop sponsored by Cha L'Mar
  • Jillina, Yaa'Halla-Oriental Choreograhy (TX-2007)
  • Altagracia, NYC- Morocco's weeklong (2000)
  • Aziza, workshops in FL (sponsored by Babylon Breeze) (2004-6) Rakkasah, Janna Beaufait-VA (2008), YHalla Festival-Dallas (2008)
  • Yousry Sharif-workshop-Festival of the East NYC (1998)
  • Suhaila Salimpour-Rakkasah East (Oriental); Spring Caravan(Tribal ), DC Tribal (Oriental and Certification)-Advanced (2002-7)
  • Susannah Del Vecchio-Rakkasah East (2004-06)
  • Fahteim-Rakkassah East; Babylon Breeze (2006); Amaya's Shake n Bake (2007)
  • Karen Barbee-Babylon Breeze workshop (2005, 2008)
  • Ava Fleming-El Mishaal Workshop 2005, spring 2006, workshop in Norfolk, and Babylon Breeze workshop. Summer 2006-Private training, Amaya's S&B 2008
  • Kajira Djoumahna-American Tribal Style-workshop (2005)
  • Mesmera-Oriental Dance, African Fusion, VA, (1997).
  • Angelika Nemeth-Lebanese style, workshop VA, (2006).
  • Jim Boz, Raks Sharki, Amaya S&B festival (2006), Cha L' Mar, MD (2007)
  • Aneena, Veil, double veil, Amaya S&B festival.(2006)
  • Zahra Zuhair: Babylon Breeze, Oriental, FL (2007)
  • Sahra Saeeda: Yaa Halla, Folkloric, TX , Babylon Breeze, Folkloric, FL (2007)
  • Bert Balladine, stage presence, movement workshop, Amaya S&B festival.(1998)
  • Libby Parker, Gawazee, Amaya S&B festival, Roma and Egyptian Scarf Dance
  • Ma Shuga Mira Murjan-zills, Amaya S&B festival.(2002-2006)
  • Jamilla al Wahid, Rakkasah East. (2003)
  • Virginia, Oriental, Babylon Breeze, FL (2007)
  • Delilah, WAMEDA workshop.(2005)
  • Kemal: Double Veil and Sword, MD (1997)


  • Randa Kamel: Ahlan Wa Sahlan Festival, Egypt (2007)
  • Mona Said: Ahlan Wa Sahlan Festival, Egypt (2007)
  • Raquia Hassan: MD (2007, 2008) Ahlan Wa Sahlan Festival, Egypt (2007)
  • Hayat al Helwa: Brazilian Oriental Fusion, Ahlan Wa Sahlan Festival, Egypt (2007)
  • Khayreya Mazen: Ghawazee, Ahlan Wa Sahlan Festival, Egypt (2007)
  • Faten Salama: Oriental, MD (2007) BOCAfest (2005)
  • Nadia Hamdi: Raks Sharki, NYC-sponsored by Morocco (2001)
  • Morocco- weeklong in NYC, Guedra, Egyptian Oriental (2000); Shikatt (VA 2003); Oriental, Folkoric, (MD 2007)
  • Houssam Ramzy-music interpretation, Festival of the East, NYC (1999)
  • Rhea of Greece: Rakkasah East, fast combos. (2005)
  • Amaya of New Mexico: Private lessons; Shake and Bake Festival (2001-2008), Wise Woman Retreat, summer 2006. Workshops VA (2004), MD (2003-2005).
  • Jalilah, Montreal-Amaya S&B festival-Raks Sharki to Om Kalthoum (1998)
  • Soraya, Germany-Persian Dance Rakkasah East (2001)
  • Leila Haddad, Paris-Tunisian, Moroccan-Rakkasah East (2001-2007), BOCA 2006, DCworkshop, (2004).
  • Leila and Roland Jouvana, Germany-Shimmies, Drum solo, Rhythms; Amaya S&B, NM (2003);Farfesha workshop, NM (2006), Babylon Breeze (2008)
  • Dawn Harvey, UK-summer classes, Oriental, (2004).
  • Amir Thaleb, Argentina-Oriental, Debke, Folkloric-Beledi, Babylon Breeze, FL (2007)

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