Past Events

  • Taste of Wilde Lake
  • Taste of Morocco
  • Fells Point Festival
  • Colony South
  • Annondale Community College
  • University of Maryland College Park
  • Norfolk
  • Mosaic Cafe
  • Howard Community College
  • Slayton House (Taste of Wilde Lake)
  • Brighton Gardens
  • Baltimore Zoo
  • Rakkasah East
  • Rakkasah East, Spring Caravan
  • Key of Life Benefit (Gaithersburg)
  • Gypsy Fusion's Hafla
  • Forestville, MD, Frankee Sunshine Hafla
  • MiaNaja perform and emcee Babylon Breeze workshop and shows featuring, Leyla Jouvana & Roland and Karen Barbee
  • MiaNaja & MODE perform at Aziza workshop
  • Bellydance Nationals Competition

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